Happiness is a Hoagie

Yesterday was a rainy miserable day where we live.  The kids were generally well-behaved, and I got a lot done around the house, especially laundry.  With five people it’s one of those chores that never gets done.

It is tradition in our house to have take-out (or as UK folks call it “take away”) on Sundays for lunch.  By the time we all get done with church, I’m just too exhausted to make anything for the troops.  Well, all day long yesterday G kept pestering me about her meatball hoagie from Subway, and I explained to her that she could have her hoagie after church.

Guess what she said to me the MINUTE worship was over today?  “Mommy, can we go now?  I want my meatball hoagie from Subway.”  Then she proceeded to quote me Subway’s add line, “Subway, eat fresh.”  (gotta love the scripting!)  I know it was hard on her, but I made her wait a little while, after all, sometimes after-worship fellowship time is about the ONLY time I have to relax with other adults over a cup of tea.

Off to Subway we went.  We have an army military police base not too far from us, and there were about 7 soldiers in line ahead of me when I walked in.  “Great,” I thought, “now she’ll have to wait even longer.  This is going to take forever.”  But one of the soldiers (my guess, the one in charge) told them all to let me go ahead since they had a large order.  I thanked him for the gesture, and all of them for their service.

She was practically beside herself by the time we got home.  So excited, stimming on the bag which sat on her lap in the car.  Just about RAN in the house and had the hoagie unwrapped before I got my coat off.  She was SO happy.  A moment of pure JOY.

Like I said yesterday, it’s the little things that mean a lot.  Today my daughter had a hoagie from Subway, and it meant the world.



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