The girls never did anything like that.

My last few posts have been quite “heavy” (and I promise there will be more like that), but I didn’t want to scare anyone away, so I thought I’d lighten things up a bit.

I asked on twitter last night if anyone had any “light” topics they wanted me to cover, and one suggestion was “funny toddler stories.”  I have to think hard on that one, because mostly when you have a toddler things aren’t that funny – you’re just trying to keep them from hurting themselves!  Or the things that are funny NOW, weren’t funny when they actually happened.  That’s what all of these moments are, except one.

I have two girls and a boy – the boy came last.  My son did things when he was little that his sisters NEVER did.  One time, when he was 18 months old he ran full speed into our bedroom door.  Didn’t reach for the knob to try to open it – just ran right into it as if he would magically go through it.  What the?   It was the first time I called the pediatrician to ask what to do for a goose egg right in the middle of a child’s forehead.  The girls never did anything like that.

Then, the very next week, he tried to fly down the stairs.  I don’t know what possessed him to think he didn’t have to put one foot in front of the other, but thankfully we live in a split-level and only have five steps there – boom, boom, boom!  Now, on top of the goose egg that had just started healing, he had a BLACK EYE.  A black eye!  The girls never did anything like that.  Luckily my oldest daughter was present and watched as both these events occurred.  I told her we might need her as a witness in case anyone called child services on us.  (luckily no one did)

Around the same age I found myself calling the police.  We have a rod iron banister that goes up the stairs and across our open hallway to our bedroom.  My SON, again what possessed him I’ll never know, decided it was a good idea to put his head between the bars.  He got stuck.  Looked like a prisoner, head through the bars, hands holding the bars on either side.  No matter what I did I couldn’t get him out.  Then he started to panic when he realized he was stuck.  I called my husband home from work (he’s a pastor and work is right across the street) and even HE couldn’t get him out.  Now my son was in full-meltdown.  We had to get help.  Thankfully we had the non-emergency number so we wouldn’t get the firetrucks with full lights and sirens – I was embarrassed enough.  Thankfully the police had the idea of using a tire-jack (you know, the thing you use to lift your car to change a flat tire?).  They used it to bow the bars apart just enough to let his head out.  Yep, that’s my boy.  The girls never did anything like that.

This is my son at his energetic best.  But he is also cute and cuddly.  He was the only one of my three that had a “blankie.”  I was SO worried about him being attached to that thing long-term, but thankfully he gave it up on his own somewhere around age 3 1/2 (although I still have it in his baby box).  He was also the only one of the kids to suck his fingers.  I was worried about that too, but right about the time he gave up his blankie, he stopped sucking his fingers too.

DSC00435One day, while it was just the two of us at home cause hub was at work and sisters were at school, it got AWFUL quiet.  You know that quiet that seems too good to be true?  The kind where you’re wondering what they’re up to?  Yeah, THAT quiet.  I was in the kitchen doing dishes, and suddenly heard NOTHING.  I paused to see if the silence would last, and it did, which meant me taking off the dishwashing gloves to go explore.  I didn’t have to go far.  I found him, for whatever reason, curled up in the still warm laundry of the laundry basket, fast asleep.  The girls never did anything like that.  I took a picture for posterity.  That’s my boy too – blankie, fingers and all.  Isn’t he cute?  Yep.



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