Some things are better left unwritten (at least on the internet)

This has been one helluva week so far, and it’s only Wednesday.  I have written so many paragraphs for a post, and I’ve deleted each one.  Luckily I’m not SO angry that I’ve lost my filter.  Some things are just better left unwritten, at least on the internet.  Some things are best worked out in our diaries, in the privacy of our own thoughts, or in conversations with friends and/or spouses, and not broadcast for the whole world.

Right now I’m upset about a grade on my daughter’s report card.  But it’s her life, and who knows if someone we know in real life might find this blog and read my rant about a certain teacher that I’m convinced should have retired a while ago.  That might NOT be good.  So the rant will stay in my home’s four walls, but I think you get my drift.

This doesn’t change my feelings about my post a few days back about teachers being heroes.  I still believe that.  But sometimes you come across one or two that just don’t know when to step aside.  And you watch your daughter cry, and your Momma Bear comes out…

It doesn’t help that we’re supposed to get yet ANOTHER snowstorm tonight, possibly a foot of snow, that my fibroids are acting up and I’ve developed sciatica on my right side that has practically reduced me to tears when the medication wears off.

The end.  (Before I write something I probably shouldn’t)



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