Anyone else out there hate it when their husband takes a “stay-cation?”  You know, when he’s on vacation, but you all just stay home and he putters around the house?  This week my kids had school vacation, so my hub took the week off too, and all FOUR of them have been “under foot” all week and driving me CRAZY.  Thankfully we drove the 90 minutes to my mother’s house for a two day visit to wrap things up, so I have a little breathing space.

I am completely stereotyping here, but what is it about a guy, that with nothing to do, will find nothing but trouble?  This doesn’t happen when we go away somewhere for vacation, but whenever we stay home, stuff happens.  Usually we end up fighting about something, or something else.  Or he notices something I’ve been letting the kids get away with, “Are they allowed to eat mac & cheese in the family room?” and critique my parenting.  Between his critiquing and my defensiveness, it really ruins the mood I was hoping to create when I bought that champagne earlier in the day (that was Tuesday – it’s still unopened).

After 19 years I’m still learning, and what I believe I have learned this week is this:  no more stay-cations.



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