THE most important thing you can do on Valentine’s Day

THE most important thing you can do on Valentine’s Day is…


Honestly.  And I’m not channeling Whitney Houston (I actually don’t like the song “The Greatest Love of All” – BAD theology, but that’s another post).

This day has been blown SO out of proportion, that for many it’s become a nightmare.  My husband and I really don’t celebrate – for us, our anniversary is our special day to demonstrate in special ways our love for one another.

But there are many who are alone, and still others who are lonely (not all who are alone are lonely, and there are many people who NOT alone who are desperately lonely).  I’ve been in both situations.

When I was alone AND lonely, I was also depressed.  I realized that I wouldn’t be good in a relationship or HAVE a good relationship until I did the hard work on MYSELF so that I could be happy regardless of my relationship status.  It wasn’t until I decided that I’d be happy alone for the rest of my life, that I met the man who would become my husband.  It wasn’t until I didn’t want a relationship that I found one.

Love yourself.  It’s easier said than done, I know.  Many times in our lives we have to work very HARD to love ourselves.  But if we don’t value ourselves as individuals – alone, without anyone else’s judgments – then we may find ourselves looking to others for our self-worth, putting too much value in what others think about us, feeling somehow “less-than” if we’re not attached.

stock-illustration-7706805-heart-of-heartsSo if there is no one “out there” for you to share a Valentine with – then give one to yourself!  You deserve it!  Or accept this one from me.  →

You are unique, special, precious and irreplaceable!  And I believe that you are a beautiful child of God, loved beyond all measure by the One who created you.

So Happy Valentine’s Day.  You amazing person.




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2 thoughts on “THE most important thing you can do on Valentine’s Day

  1. Sean MacNair (@seanlmacnair) February 14, 2015 at 9:26 pm Reply

    Thank you.

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